Ukrainian war, families with minors evacuated in Kherson and Donetsk

Russian attacks in Kherson oblast have caused deaths and injuries. The forced evacuation of 800 children from 23 settlements was decided due to the difficult security situation. The governor of the region Oleksandr Prokudin said on Telegram that there were two victims, including a child and dozens of people under the rubble. Tanks, airstrikes and drones were used in the attacks, targeting residential areas of the city.

Forced evacuation

“The decision of the Kherson Regional State Administration on the issue of mandatory evacuation of the population under martial law was supported unanimously” reports the Ministry of Reintegration on Telegram explaining that “due to the difficult security situation in the Kherson region, the forced evacuation of 802 children from 23 settlements was approved.” Specifically, the evacuation “will be carried out from the districts of Beryslav, Kakhovka and Kherson”.

Kiev: impressive destruction

The Russian army dropped almost 40 guided aerial bombs on the right bank of the Kherson region in one day, including 13 during the night. According to the Kiev government, i

bombings caused 8 injuries, particularly in the village of Bilozerka, east of Kherson. Here houses, cars and shops were hit. A hospital in the village of Bilozerka, about 15 kilometers from Kherson, was heavily damaged. The anti-aircraft defense then shot down six Iranian-made drones coming from Crimea.