Ukrainian War, Il Foglio: “Here are 17 draft points under discussion in negotiations with Russia”

From renunciation of NATO to recognition of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhanks

There are 17 points in the draft discussion in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. Claudio Cerasa writes it on Twitter, posting an article in Il Foglio. “Russia-Ukraine negotiations, here are the 17 points of the draft discussion in Kyiv“, is the title of the piece.” Il Foglio has seen a document with the conditions for the ceasefire: from the refusal of Ukraine to join NATO up to the recognition of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhanks “.

“This is a three-page document divided into 17 points translated into English and Ukrainian. One of the most important passages – writes the daily – is Ukraine’s renunciation of joining NATO for 15 years. reference to the recognition of the two separatist republics of Donetsk (Dnr) and Luhanks (Lnr), which are required to maintain a neutral status. On Crimea, Kyiv undertakes to recognize its annexation to Russia by the end of 2022, abandoning any legal action against Moscow “.

Il Foglio publishes the document “Bases for a ceasefire agreement between Russia and Ukraine”. “Preamble. Russia and Ukraine (” Parties “) agree on a ceasefire which will take effect from [] and which should last until the earliest of the following dates: (i) 30 days and (ii) the signing of a comprehensive peace agreement (“Agreements”) between the Parties and based on the following agreements: 1. The Parties recognize their respective and indisputable sovereignty and independence, with the specifications of point x below. 2. The terms of the ceasefire…. 3. Russia and Ukraine will release all their respective military and political prisoners within 24 hours of signing the agreement. ”

“4. Ukraine undertakes to maintain military neutrality and not to join NATO for a period of at least 15 years from the signing of the agreement. This commitment remains valid as long as Russia does not take any direct or indirect military or destabilizing action. proven against Ukraine. After the initial 15-year period, and unless a violation referred to in the previous sentence occurs, Ukraine can decide to join NATO only if the Ukrainian electorate votes through a referendum in favor of joining NATO with a majority of 2/3 of the voters “.

“5. Ukraine will grant special status to Donetsk (DNR) and Luhanks (LNR) the details of which will be defined in the agreement, but which will respect the democratically expressed wishes of its legitimate population. In any case, DNR and LNR will also undertake to maintain a neutral status and Russia undertakes not to annex DNR and LNR to Russia for at least 15 years. 6. Ukraine will recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia by the end of 2022, provided that Russia has in the meantime complied with all its obligations under the agreement and on condition that.

7. As part of the recognition of Crimea, Ukraine will ensure the smooth flow of water to the peninsula through the Northern Crimean Canal. 8. In relation to points 5 and 6 above, Ukraine will terminate all legal actions against Russia relating to the annexation of Crimea. 9. Ukraine will maintain its accession to the EU free trade area. Furthermore, the parties will discuss the possibility for Ukraine to join the Eurasian Customs Union (Ecu) as soon as possible and with the agreement of the EU. Given Ukraine’s difficult economic situation, Russia and Ukraine will cooperate to find a technical solution that allows Ukraine to be a member of both trade unions, provided that regulations are put in place to avoid disruption in the two trade zones. free trade due to Ukraine’s special status, which is consistent with the spirit of neutrality. “

“10. Ukraine intends to become a full member of the EU. Russia undertakes not to interfere with this process while respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty, even if it will result in the need for Ukraine to leave the Ecu 11. All sanctions, quotas or any kind of trade restrictions imposed by Russia against Ukrainian companies and vice versa will also be lifted 12. Russia will waive its request for [3] billion dollars to Ukraine ex “Yanukovic loan”. 13. All sanctions, quotas or any kind of trade restrictions imposed by Russia against Ukrainian companies and vice versa will be lifted. “

“14. Russia undertakes to ship at least [–] billion of gas through Ukraine and to enter into a “ship or pay” agreement at rates calculated according to normal market practices for a duration of at least 10 years. 15. All pending disputes between Naftogaz Ukraine and Gazprom, including the Stockholm arbitration rulings and all pending trials, will be terminated and outstanding credits and payments due will forfeit “.

“16. In addition to military activities, the parties agree to refrain and ensure that operators under their direct or indirect control refrain from any type of activity such as cyber attacks, disinformation, propaganda and electoral interference. 17. As part of the standardization of relations between Russia and Ukraine, the parties agree to re-establish direct flights between the regions starting from 01.01.2023 “.