Ukrainian war, Russia: “Partial mobilization concluded”

The announcement of Minister Shoigu

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu today announced the end of the partial mobilization decreed in Russia on 21 September for the war against Ukraine. “The dispatch of citizens summoned for mobilization was completed today,” said the Russian defense chief, adding that 82,000 people have been sent to the front in Ukraine, while another 218,000 are undergoing training. Shoigu spoke at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin broadcast on television, reports the Guardian.

Shoigu told Putin that the mobilization led to the recall of 300,000 people, thus achieving the set goal. Of the 82 thousand already sent to Ukraine, “41 thousand are operating as part of combat units and the rest are in training one way or another”, remarked Putin, quoted by TASS.

Putin, the news agency points out, said that only well-trained mobilized reservists should be sent to the front. “Yes, we pay close attention – Shoigu replied – it is necessary to send only well-trained and well-equipped fighters”. “Excellent. I absolutely agree. This is how it should be done,” said the Kremlin leader.

The dialogue between the two comes after the numerous complaints on Russian social networks of mobilized soldiers sent into trouble, without training and equipment. In addition to videos of soldiers appearing in remedial uniforms and with old rifles, there are tragic reports of soldiers who died ten days after being mobilized, which precludes that they may have been sufficiently trained.