Ukrainian war, Scholz: “No to an energy embargo on Russia”

“At this moment, Europe’s energy supply cannot be guaranteed in any other way”

Ukraine-Russia war, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz today ruled out the hypothesis of an energy embargo on Russia. “At this time, Europe’s energy supply for heat generation, mobility, electricity and industry cannot be guaranteed in any other way,” he said. Energy from Russia is essential for the daily life of European citizens, he added, and that is why the European Union has excluded an energy embargo from the sanctions imposed on Moscow.

The German leader explained that alternatives to Russian energy are being worked on, but the process will take time. “Therefore, it is a conscious decision on our part to continue business with Russian energy companies,” he said.

Scholz also assured that Germany welcomes all international efforts to respond to the Russian invasion of Ukraine with significant and specific sanctions, such as those directed against financial institutions, the Central Bank and more than 500 people. “All of our measures are designed to hit Russia hard and can be sustainable in the long run,” he added.