Ukrainian war, Stoltenberg: “Nato has been training Kiev’s army since 2014”

“NATO is here, NATO is vigilant”. With these words Jens Stoltenberg opened his speech at the Aspen congress in Bucharest, Romania. “We will support Ukraine to the end, we will not retreat – clarified Stoltenberg from the podium – Putin’s war has not made us forget other partners, such as Georgia, Moldova and Bosnia-Herzegovina, which we will support, so that they can defend themselves”. According to the NATO secretary, the latest developments in the conflict show that “President Vladimir Putin is failing in his brutal war of aggression”. The NATO secretary recalled that support for Kiev did not begin with the Russian invasion last February, but “in 2014 in the Yavoriv training center, I saw Canadian and US soldiers train Ukrainian soldiers”. For this reason, when Russia started the invasion, “Ukrainian troops were much better trained, able to fight back”.

“If Putin wins, we will pay a very high price”

“If we let Putin win, we will all pay a much higher price for many years to come.” According to the NATO general, Kiev’s victory would not only serve to free the territories illegally occupied by the Russians, but to send a message to the whole world, because the lesson learned is that President Putin and other authoritarian leaders can pursue their goals using force and cruelty. The evolution of the situation on the ground, which at the moment sees Russian forces retreating from the surroundings of Kiev, Kharkiv and Chersonesos, demonstrates that “Putin is failing”, but precisely for this reason “we must expect more attacks”. On the basis of these premises, Stoltenberg reaffirmed the commitment of the countries of the alliance to support Ukraine both with humanitarian aid and with military supplies.

The war has invigorated the members of the alliance

“We know that most wars end at the negotiating table. But what happens at the negotiating table is inextricably linked with what happens on the battlefield: to create the conditions for a lasting peace that will ensure Ukraine’s prevalence as an independent sovereign state, we must continue to provide military support to Ukraine ”, reiterated the NATO secretary, according to which the war unleashed by Russia had the effect of reinvigorating relations between the members of the alliance.