Ukrainian war, Tajani: “Arms to Kiev from Italy as long as necessary”

“We will send weapons capable of attacking Russia, we are certainly not against the Russian people, but we fully support Kiev and its resistance”, reported the deputy prime minister in an interview with “Republic”. The sixth decree on arms has already been passed,” a new measure is not in preparation,” he added

“We want peace in Ukraine but a year after the beginning of this disastrous war which has caused thousands of deaths we know that it can only be achieved by continuing to arm Kiev’s army”. These are the words of the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister , Antonio Tajani, who underlines in an interview with Repubblica: “Italy is on the side of the Ukrainian people and will do everything to ensure that the final solution is not a surrender under the Russian oppressor. ” The government, Tajani explains, ” it is firmly anchored to the EU, to the USA, to the West”.

Tajani: “Italy has no second thoughts”

“Italy has no second thoughts, it works for peace and for the independence of Ukraine, alongside NATO and Europe” the Foreign Minister continues in the interview. “This does not mean that we will send arms to able to attack Russia, we are certainly not against the Russian people, but we fully support Kiev and its resistance”. Tajani then recalls that “Parliament has authorized the sending and we have already passed the sixth decree in recent weeks”. He then continues : “Minister Crosetto and I explained it in depth to Copasir. We are now working with the French to send an air defense system as soon as possible”. Finally, he makes it known that a new decree is not in preparation,” but in every if Forza Italia would vote for him,” he adds.

Tajani: Italy is not a weak link in NATO

“The facts count” is Tajani’s response to the request for a comment on Berlusconi’s words on Zelensky. “The leader of Forza Italia wants peace. But the line dictated to the groups, in Italy and in Europe, has never deviated from that of the EPP, in Brussels, and of the Italian Parliament, in Rome”, explains the deputy prime minister. “Italy is not a weak link in the western coalition ” says the minister. Looking for a solution “to stop weapons does not mean being weak. It is only a question of favoring the path of peace in the most appropriate way. That is, the one that guarantees the independence of Ukraine and at the same time the end of hostilities”.