Ukrainian war, Zelensky: 2 thousand square km of land taken back from the Russians

The advance of the Ukrainian forces does not stop, which, as announced on Telegram by President Volodymyr Zelensky late yesterday evening, have regained control of the cities of two cities in the Kharkiv region. “Step by step, our fighters are liberating Ukrainian territory,” wrote the Ukrainian leader. “Soldiers from the 113th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade freed Vasylenkove and Artemivka in the Kharkiv region.” Zelensky also recalled that freedom does not come easily and that Ukrainian defenders are fighting for the independence of every citizen at the cost of their lives. (WAR IN UKRAINE, LIVE UPDATES)

2 thousand square km regained

The Ukrainian counter-offensive in the East and South has made it possible in recent days to regain 2 thousand square kilometers of territory but Moscow hopes to “break” the Ukrainian resistance in the winter, counting on heating problems and on a possible weakening of Western support in Kiev due to the rising energy prices in Europe. This was said by President Volodymyr Zelensky during the annual Yalta European Strategy (YES) international forum held in Kiev. “Russia – he warned – is doing everything to break the resistance of Ukraine, Europe and the world during the 90 days of this winter. This is his latest argument: they think that the brutality of winter helps them when brutality of man is no longer enough “.

Zelensky: “Hard winter for everyone”

Russia could then target “companies and infrastructure providing heating” in Ukraine with its attacks, Zelensky added, calling on the West to provide Kiev with more anti-aircraft defense systems. For Zelensky, Moscow could also “reduce to zero” its gas supplies to Europe to force Western capitals to seek compromises with Moscow. “We must prepare the societies (…). The winter will be hard for everyone, from Latvia and Poland to Great Britain and the United States”, warned the Ukrainian president. “We have to survive this winter.”

Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant shut down

Meanwhile, the last nuclear reactor still in operation in Zaporizhzhia has also been stopped. “At the moment – commented the Ukrainian president – negotiations are impossible”. “We want to end the war, but the space and the opportunities have changed,” Zelensky said, referring to the Russians as “terrorists”. “There is no reassurance – he pointed out – that they will do what they say they will do. I think they will not. Nobody believes him. As they say, they can’t be them at

shake hands. The Russians are not ready to admit that they have occupied ours

Village. This means that there will be no substantial dialogue. be able to open a

diplomatic corridor, they must show political will, be ready to return foreign land “.