Ukrainian war, Zelensky: “Putin’s nuclear threat is a bluff”

“No no-fly zone? So give us fighters and anti-aircraft systems”

Ukraine-Russia War, “I think the threat of nuclear war is a bluff“. This is what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with the German weekly Die Zeit.”It is one thing to be a killer. Another is to commit suicide. Using nuclear weapons would mean the end for everyone, not just the person who uses them. Rather, Putin’s threat shows weakness. He threatens the use of nuclear weapons only when nothing else works. “” I am sure that Russia is aware of the catastrophic consequences of any attempt to use nuclear weapons, “he added.

Europe must simply stand up for life and put true values ​​first. I hope that your priorities in life remain true values. What is happening here now may be happening to you as well. And this is very important to me: we die for you too“.

BALTIC STATES – “Listen to what the Russian propagandists are saying. They are even preaching in churches about the conquest of other states: Moldova, Georgia, the Baltic states. I am sure that Poland is also under threat. In reality, the entire continent is in danger as long as Russia is able to attack another country. ”

NO-FLY ZONE – Since the West does not intend to create a no-fly zone over Ukraine“could give us the fighter planes and air defense systems with which we could secure our skies.”

SANCTIONS – If Western sanctions were really harsh, “the offensive would have stopped already”. “They are still buying Russian oil and gas. Western companies still operate on the Russian market hiding behind various excuses. Yes, there are sanctions and we are grateful for that. But we are under an attack reminiscent of the worst of World War II. This is why the sanctions must be further tightened “.

NEGOTIATIONS – “In every negotiation my goal is to end the war with Russia. And I am also willing to take some steps. Compromises can be made, but they must not be the betrayal of my country “. But” the other party must also be ready to compromise – he concludes -. That is why they are called compromises. This is the only way out of this situation …. We have not yet had direct contact between the Presidents. Only after the direct talks between the two presidents will we be able to put an end to this war “.