Ukrainian war, Zelensky to the Russians: “Putin knowingly sends you to die”

Vladimir Putin knowingly sends “his citizens to die”. This is said by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his usual evening message during which, speaking in Russian, he appealed to the Russians to escape from the “criminal mobilization”, or rather the recruitment of reservists announced by Putin on September 21 (RUSSIAN WAR – UKRAINE: LIVE UPDATES).

“Russian commanders don’t care about the lives of their compatriots”

“The Russian power fully understands that it is putting its citizens to death,” Zelensky says in the video, urging the Moscow forces to surrender. “The Russian commanders do not care about the lives of their compatriots, they just want to replace the empty space left by the dead, wounded, prisoners and those who have deserted”. “It is better to escape from a criminal mobilization than to answer before a court for taking part in a war of aggression – concludes the Ukrainian president – It is better to surrender to Ukrainian captivity than to be killed by the attacks of our weapons”.

The new laws passed by Putin

Zelensky’s video comes a few hours after Russia passed a law that tightens sentences for those who desert, for those who surrender or for failing to appear at the draft: from five to 15 years in prison. Putin also signed a provision that facilitates access to Russian nationality for foreign nationals serving in the army. In particular, the text provides that foreigners enrolled in the military forces of Moscow can apply for Russian citizenship without presenting a residence permit, reports Tass. A procedure that can be accessed by foreigners who have signed a contract with the Russian army for at least a year.