Ulivieri: “Sambenedettese? Sorry for Pirozzi, trained technician and respectable person”

“The Pirozzi case at Sambenedettese? It happened to me too, I coached Vicenza and Verona wanted to meet me, but the fans didn’t want to, they demonstrated, but I didn’t even talk about it. I didn’t just go there, it was the 80s. It can happen even if you’re sorry. Some things can be governed, I’m sorry for Pirozzi because he took the course with me, he’s a trained coach. And also as a person he did well “. This was said by the president of the Coaching Association Renzo Ulivieri at Adnkronos on what happened in Serie D with the company and the technician forced to reverse.

The former mayor of Amatrice, who won against Trastevere, was heavily contested by Sambenedettese fans with threats also to the family because of his old affection for the rivals of Ascoli. “I’m sorry but it’s part of today’s logic, just a note on a social network that the others go after him and the dispute begins, because he is a fan of Ascoli, as if a coach when he takes on a team were not a fan of that team. you don’t understand this, you don’t know the world of football “, added Ulivieri.