Umarov (Carnegie Moscow): ‘NATO Russia and China have found a synthesis on fears of expansion’

Russia and China have “found a synthesis” on the common fears regarding NATO expansion towards the east because Moscow “has been facing this problem in Europe for some time, while Beijing is not worried about the expansion of NATO ‘tout court’, but rather by a decisive and more aggressive foreign policy of the United States in the Indo-Pacific “. This was stated in an interview with the Carnegie Moscow Center’s Adnkronos Temur Umarov, following the meeting between Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Beijing, on the occasion of the opening of the Winter Olympics and in the midst of the Ukrainian crisis.

The one between Russia and China “I would not say it is an alliance and even if we look at the official statements the word alliance is never used”, Umarov argues.

“It is easy for us to label any kind of good relationship between two countries as ‘alliance’, but it is a little more complicated”, although relations between Russia and China “are at the best moment in history” and these two Countries have made “enormous progress in terms of political, economic, cultural and technological cooperation”, says the expert, arguing that “at the same time, there are some limits to this friendship” and, if you like, “problems too”.

For example, Umarov continues, China has long been silent on what is happening in Ukraine, with Beijing “never directly supporting Russia or saying Ukraine is wrong and Russia is right” and Crimea too “is not. never been accepted by the Chinese as Russian territory “. Russia, in turn, “does not want to be involved in the territorial disputes” that China “has with India or Japan”. “So – he highlights – the formula of relations between Russia and China is ‘never against each other, but not always against each other'”.

Umarov finally talks about the Ukrainian crisis, arguing that Moscow’s move to amass troops at the border “for now appears to be a method of exerting pressure on the West. For years Russia has said it has concerns and has been ignored, but now it threatens such catastrophes. to encourage Western partners to negotiate with you “.

“I think this is just a way to negotiate – he concludes – Of course, it is very brutal, however war is not a solution, no one would win the war and therefore I do not think that Russia will really invade Ukraine”.