Un passo dal cielo 7, plot and cast between new entries and confirmations

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From today, Thursday 30 March 2023, the Rai television series is back One step from heaven, with a seventh season that once again will feature the wonderful scenery of the Dolomites. But the protagonist will in fact be another: this time it is Giusy Buscemi, alias Manuela Nappi.

For this new chapter, she is the one pulling the strings of everything. There will be many surprise guests, from Joe Bastianich to Massimiliano Ossini, but between star and Nappi as “star performer” it must be said that the real prima donna remains “she”: nature. Buscemi herself admits it, as we will see shortly.

The location does not change: as for the previous six seasons, the Dolomites are always the sweetest backdrop.

“In reality, the protagonist is the mountain, I willingly ‘handed over’ this responsibility to it”, declared Giusy Buscemi in a recent interview on Smiles & Songs. “Nature is the great subject of the series and of our lives”, added Enrico Ianniello, director of this seventh season (together with Lazlo Barbo) as well as actor. “And it’s good to remember that we are ruining a beautiful place that we should instead preserve for our children,” he adds.

Buscemi: “I will bring a female point of view both in the investigation and in the family”

Among the various indiscretions granted in these hours by the protagonist Buscemi, there is the following declaration: “I will bring a female point of view both in the investigations and in the family. Manuela Nappi and her brother, the deputy commissioner Vincenzo, will play a nice duet, they will play at being the good policeman and the bad one: he uses direct tones, she uses empathy. This year then there is this beautiful thing: Manuela has learned to use proxemics, that is, thanks to movements and body language she understands what people are trying to hide ”, Buscemi told Smiles & Songs.

As for the character of Manuela played by Giusy Buscemi, in One step from heaven 6 we had left her in the role of a simple agent, while in the new season we will find her again as an inspector.
“Manuela returned to Belluno where she attended refresher courses and rose in rank; but an important fact happens to her that profoundly changes her life. A secret that will bring her back to San Vito di Cadore”, the main interpreter of the show “spoiled”.

So many new chapeau entries in a cast that was already remarkable

On the cast side, there is news. Among the many new entries of the seventh season, the name of Leonardo Pazzagli stands out, an actor who plays the part of Gregorio Masiero. The latter is a sculptor who likes to be alone, especially since he is having a very difficult time due to the recent passing of his wife. His situation is so critical that he risks losing custody of his daughter. This character will weave a very close relationship with the protagonist Manuela… But no spoilers!
Another new face is that of Giorgio Marchesi, who takes on the part of Luciano Paron. And then there’s Rocío Muñoz Morales, who plays Eva here.

It is the first time that Manuela Nappi is the absolute protagonist

However Manuela-Giusy Buscemi herself can be considered a new entry, at least a new entry as the protagonist: the actress – former Italian model, winner of the 73rd edition of the beauty contest Miss Italy 2012 – appeared in 2015 in the third season of One step from heavenwhen the protagonist was Terence Hill alias Pietro Thiene, station commander of the Forestry Corps of San Candido, in Alto Adige.
From the fourth season the new commander is Francesco Neri, played by Daniele Liotti, who however from the sixth season moves to San Vito di Cadore, in Veneto. The two commanders are joined by the Neapolitan police commissioner Vincenzo Nappi, played by Enrico Ianniello, with whom Pietro and then Francesco collaborate first.
It is from this seventh season that the new protagonist is Manuela Nappi, played by Giusy Buscemi, so in this sense we allow ourselves to speak of her as a “new entry”.

Enrico Iannello remains of the historical cast (this time not only an actor but also a director)

As for the “historic” cast, the one that has been there since the dawn of the show, Enrico Iannello is still present, and this time not only as an actor but also as a director.
As always, Iannello plays Vincenzo Nappi, the commissioner, who will have to deal with Manuela. Who, if the surnames haven’t told you anything yet, is really her sister. “Their work and family relationship will evolve over the course of the episodes,” explained Enrico Iannello. “The brotherhood relationship between Vincenzo and Manuela is the heart and engine of the series, we are like a good cop and a bad cop. There will be a lot of talk about the environment because we will see nature under threat, the task of the protagonists is to preserve the mystery and beauty of their surroundings. Manuela has a secret that binds her to the character of Gregorio Masiero and she is her wife, but she has grown up and has an empathetic gaze towards what surrounds her, including investigations ”, concludes the director and actor Iannello.