UN, Rocca (CRI): ” In the Horn of Africa 20 million affected by famine, go beyond emergency response ”

” We are in contact with the most fragile communities, with those who are forgotten and who are often the first victims and who pay the highest price. In terms of food security, the number of people affected by this famine in the Horn of Africa is over 20 million and many of these suffer from acute malnutrition. The Horn of Africa has experienced the biggest food crises of the last 40 years. On our part, the request has arrived to go beyond the emergency response and for the international community to set up a system to work on prevention ”. The president of the Italian Red Cross and Ifrc, Francesco Rocca, who is in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, told Adnkronos.

” Today we have a whole series of technological tools that allow us to predict in advance if there will be a season with little rain and therefore when it is the case we must intervene to prevent the loss of life and all this suffering, ” he added.

Rocca explained that among the “issues” on the agenda, in addition to food security, there are “climate change” and “conflicts, especially Ukraine”. “However, the Red Cross can do little about this, it can only invite the parties to respect humanitarian actors and ensure that there is access to the victims and areas affected by the conflict,” she concluded.