UN, the General Assembly votes on the draft for the truce in Gaza between Israel and Hamas

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The UN General Assembly will soon vote on the draft resolution presented by Jordan on behalf of the Arab States which focuses on the truce in Gaza, to guarantee the entry of aid and prevent forced displacement (ISRAEL-HAMAS WAR: THE SPECIAL – UPDATES). To approve the document, which has no binding value, a two-thirds majority of the 193 member countries is needed. The latest version of the draft calls for (instead of a ceasefire) an “immediate, lasting and prolonged humanitarian truce leading to a cessation of hostilities, and for all parties to immediately and fully respect their obligations under international law, in particularly with regard to the protection of civilians”. The United States supports the idea of ​​a “humanitarian pause” to bring aid to Gaza.

What the draft asks for

It also calls for the “immediate, continuous and unhindered provision of essential goods and services to civilians throughout Gaza, encouraging the creation of humanitarian corridors and other initiatives to facilitate the delivery of aid”, and the “revocation of the order by Israel to evacuate Palestinians from the northern Strip”, firmly rejecting any attempt at the forced transfer of the Palestinian civilian population. Finally, it demands “the immediate and unconditional release of all civilians illegally held prisoner”. The document from the United States has repeatedly received the note that the text of the draft does not contain the words “Hamas” and “hostages”. Canada has proposed an amendment that would add a direct condemnation of the Hamas attack to the text and would have to be voted on by the General Assembly before the draft.

Guterres: total collapse of the humanitarian system in Gaza

“The humanitarian system in Gaza is facing a total collapse with unimaginable consequences for more than 2 million civilians”, is the alarm raised by the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, underlining that “given the desperate and dramatic situation, the Nations Unite will not be able to continue to provide aid inside Gaza without an immediate and fundamental change in the way aid is delivered.” “Everyone must assume their responsibilities – he added – This is the moment of truth, the History judges us all.” Guterres reiterated his “call for a humanitarian ceasefire, the unconditional release of all hostages and the delivery of life-saving aid to the extent needed” in Gaza. “I welcome the growing global consensus in favor of a humanitarian pause in the conflict”, he specified, underlining that “without fundamental change, the people of Gaza will face an unprecedented avalanche of human suffering”.

The UN accuses Israel and Hamas of war crimes

Meanwhile, tension is increasingly high between the UN and Israel. After Guterres’ words in recent days and Israel’s choice to deny visas to representatives of the United Nations, the spokeswoman for the Human Rights Office Ravina Shamdasani spoke of “war crimes that are being committed” in the Middle East. Pointing the finger not only at Hamas but also at the Jewish State: “We are worried about the collective punishment of the inhabitants of Gaza in response to the atrocious attacks by Hamas”, underlined Shamdasani, also denouncing the use of long-range explosives in densely populated areas . And returning to accuse the Palestinian militiamen for the hostage kidnappings. An accusation that comes while the clash has been taking place for days at the UN General Assembly in New York with crossed vetoes from Russia and the USA in the Security Council and with a harsh confrontation in the General Assembly, meeting since Thursday in the special session of emergency.