Unbeatable record at Vite al Limite, but then the unthinkable happened: bad blow to swallow

He reached an unbeatable record at Vite al Limite, but what happened next is unthinkable: bad blow to swallow.

He chose to participate in Lives to the Limit during the second season, most likely after seeing the incredible result obtained by Melissa Morris, but he would never have imagined everything that happened to him after. The story we are going to tell you is about a patient who gave birth to an unbeatable record, but who very soon received a very bad shot to swallow.

Lives to the Limit. Credits: Discovery

When he participated in the second season of Lives on the Limit, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient had a carrying weight of about 310 kg, but when he came out he weighed just over half that. As we can clearly understand, his was a truly sensational journey – very similar to that of Zsalynn – and which did not stop at all in the 12 months foreseen by the program. During an episode of Lives on the Limit and then, in fact, the forty-five year old from Texas showed himself in great shape! Just think, he managed to lose weight in total 204 kg, reaching a weight of 110 kg. Not everyone, however, knows what has happened in the meantime! To tell it, it was the person directly concerned. Really unthinkable, we assure you!

Bad blow after Lives on the Limit: he would never have imagined it

Among the most shocking transformations of Lives on the Limit, there is certainly that of the protagonist of our article. For the entire duration of the program, the man managed to lose weight well 204 kg, managing to achieve his personal goal. Indeed, once he left the clinic, Dr. Nowzaradan’s patient continued to maintain a healthy and regulated diet. And, during his last visit with the Iranian surgeon, he discovered that he managed to weigh 110 kg.

According to what we learn from his story told to Vite al Limite and then .., however, it would seem that his rebirth was greatly compromised by a very unpleasant event: the divorce from his wife. In fact, already at the time of his visit to the clinic, the man had been warned by the woman of her total unhappiness and lack of tolerance. It seemed, however, that things had settled down. Instead, it wasn’t like that at all! Returning to the clinic in Houston, in fact, the man said he had divorced and had passed a very difficult moment in his life.

Despite the ‘no’ moment, however, Chuck managed to roll up his sleeves and continue his weight loss journey. He finally met a new woman, whom he even married.

screw to the limit bad shot
Chuck after Lives on the Limit

We do not know how he became Chuck today, but we can clearly understand that his was one of those paths that will hardly be forgotten.