Unexpected return to Men and Women: she will be there too, all speechless

Unexpected return to Men and Women: she will also be there in the new edition of the program, all speechless.

Less than ten days to the start of a new edition of Men and women. Maria De Filippi’s dating show will officially start on Monday 19 September and we can’t wait to get to know all her new protagonists of the most famous throne on TV.

Men and Women (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

As always, however, the episodes broadcast on Canale 5 are not live: about ten days pass between recording and broadcasting. Also this year, therefore, it is possible to find out in advance what happened in the studio! And, in the last hours, a spoiler has arrived regarding the previews of Wednesday 7 September and Thursday 8 (respectively the third and fourth recording of this new edition). Well, there is a sensational novelty arriving: one of the absolute protagonists of the Over throne will return! If you are not afraid of spoilers, read on.

Men and Women, a great return to the throne Over: it is her

Men and Women will start with a bang. In the first recordings of the new episode, everything has already happened, between the formations of the first couples and shocking quarrels. And the twists were not lacking even in the third and fourth recording, held yesterday and Wednesday. As anticipated by the always informed Men and Women Classic and Over page, we will see a great return as regards the female parterre of the Over throne.

An almost unexpected return, as the lady has been absent in the studio for several months. Lady who, in recent weeks, was caught having dinner with a famous former tronista of the broadcast, recently returned single. Did you understand who we are talking about? Just her, Roberta Di Padua, which returned to transmission precisely because it was involved in reporting with Davide Donadei. In fact, the Apulian tronista and his now ex will also return to the studio Chiara Rabbi: the former couple will talk about the breakup for the first time on TV. And, apparently, Roberta will be able to tell her about dinner with Davide. Is there only friendship between them?

The answer seems to be yes. According to the previews, in fact, it seems that Roberta’s return will not only concern an episode. After the confrontation, in fact, the lady received an invitation to dinner from a knight we know very well: it is Alessandro Vicinanza, former flame of Ida Platano. The two had tried to try again but, apparently, there was no happy ending… again! Will Roberta accept Alessandro’s invitation?

return men and women
Roberta Di Padua (Credits Witty Tv)

The answer is yes! In yesterday’s recording, Thursday 9 September 2022, the lady agreed to go out with Alessandro: what will happen between them? And, above all, how will Ida take it? We remember that the two ladies have already entered into conflict in the past due to Riccardo Guarnieri … We just have to wait for all the news, we can’t wait!