Unia: “3,000 stateless people in Italy, put an end to a serious phenomenon”

“Statelessness is a serious phenomenon that must be put to an end. A condition of legal invisibility for thousands of people on which even today politics does not give the right visibility”. Speaking is Armando Augello Cupi, 27, president of the Italian Stateless Union (Unia). Born in Sanremo, unable to inherit his parents’ citizenship, he was expelled from school at the age of 15 for his statelessness. “Thanks to the program of Intersos and Unhcr, I together with other young people, aware of the lack of representation of those in Italy who have no citizenship, have created this association of stateless persons for stateless persons”, Augello Cupi tells Adnkronos.

“In the world there are at least 4.3 million stateless persons, in Italy there are about 3 thousand. Approximate figures since it is not possible to make a precise census on people who, not having a document, are obviously not traceable”, underlines the president of Unia, specifying that in our country the stateless persons recognized “to date, according to Istat, are 552. These have a valid residence permit for statelessness to possess an identity card thanks to which one has access to most services, from education at work”. However, he points out, “the obstacles remain for them too, first of all from the point of view of disinformation: many have difficulties in accessing welfare, renewing their residence permit and travel documents for stateless persons. However, they do not have the right to vote. , traveling outside the Schengen area is very difficult “. If there are bureaucratic obstacles for recognized stateless persons, “let alone what it means for those who do not have a legal identity to live without any rights, without having access to a house rental, education, care, work and much more. They are in effect ‘invisible’ in the society they live in “.

To overcome the obstacles “we ask the institutions to promote clear and reliable information aimed at stateless persons and public offices concerned; we ask – adds Augello Cupi – to reform the procedures for determining statelessness, in order to remove the requirements that are excessively restrictive and make them more transparent and effective in line with international standards; we also ask to facilitate access to Italian citizenship through, for example, the reduction of the time needed for the naturalization procedure, the exemption of the language test, together with an accessible application of the income requirement “.

Tomorrow, the press conference at the foreign press in Rome organized by Unia, Intersos and Unhcr, to turn the spotlight on the condition of stateless people in Italy and in the world, will be an opportunity to formalize the birth of the Italian Stateless Union. In addition to Armando Augello Cupi, Chiara Cardoletti, UNHCR representative for Italy, the Holy See and San Marino, Cesare Fermi, Intersos regional director for Europe, Gad Lerner, who will tell about his personal experience as a stateless person. To moderate the journalist of Rainews24 Raffaella Cosentino.