Union demonstration in Milan: “Over 40 thousand in the square”

The numbers of the unitary procession of CGIL, CISL and UIL

The joint demonstration of the CGIL, CISL and UIL trade unions in Milan has ended. Over 40 thousand, according to the organizers, demonstrators took to the streets to take part in the initiative. A much higher number compared to the demonstration that was held last Saturday in Bologna. On this occasion, the organizers underline, the participants came from all over Northern Italy.

LANDINI – “I believe that a young man who refuses to work, underpaid by 1,000 euros, is good,” said the general secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini, speaking to journalists at the start of the opening procession of the joint trade union demonstration in Milan. “A young man – says Landini – cannot accept those conditions. It’s time to stop this idea that you have to accept any type of work. Work must be a condition that allows those who do it to live in dignity and not to be exploited , not having to thank them because they make you work. Enough, we’ve already paid for this culture here”. And, he observes, “we are not simply saying that this government was wrong, but that all the governments that have made our country precarious in this way have been wrong. But since they say they are the new ones, let them change the wrong things and discuss them with the union”.

“Just yesterday there was talk of a drop in the birth rate, but one of the real reasons for the drop in the birth rate is precisely the fact that there is no work for women and that there is a precariousness that gives people uncertainty in the future” underlines Landini. From this point of view, explains Landini, “the level of precariousness that exists in Italy is not found in any other European country”. And “when we speak of low productivity in our country, we should bear in mind that this is the result of the choice of those who, instead of investing in quality and innovation, have invested in the reduction of rights and job insecurity”. “After 20 years of this culture, of this theory – he underlines – the problems we are facing are before everyone’s eyes and, therefore, it is absolutely necessary to change”.

BOMBERS – “You will have to put up with us, in the squares of this country we will continue to annoy you and we will continue to remind you that all is not well in this country” said the secretary general of the Uil. “We won’t stop. And don’t try to scare us or stop us because you never talk about us on TV. The workers continue to cry out and we will fight to the end”.

“Dear minister, a quarryman died today; have the good grace to keep silent when you talk about security and precariousness,” says Bombardieri. The reference is to the accident at work that took place this morning in the province of Lucca, where a 55-year-old worker lost his life after being crushed by a marble can in a quarry.