Unions: “Government thinks about work not only on May 1st”

“We are very worried” said the secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini. It is “an unacceptable method”, remarked the secretary of the Cisl, Luigi Sbarra: “The executive has not activated any phase of confrontation on the job package and on the basic income”, added Pierpaolo Bombardieri of the Uil

“It would be useful for the government not to think about work only on May 1st, but every other day of the year,” said CGIL number one, Maurizio Landini. “We don’t have a problem of foreigners who come to Italy, but of Italians who leave due to lack of work. Poverty cannot be resolved by canceling the Citizenship Income”, he continued, adding that “the method implemented by the government of not confronting with the trade unions it has led us to mobilisation”. In the week preceding 1 May, the secretaries of CGIL, CISL and UIL, in presenting the traditional concert in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome and the national demonstration in Potenza, therefore called the executive to concertation. Representatives of workers’ associations speak of a lack of dialogue with the social partners.

The position of the CISL

“For now there is news that we are reading from the media, because to date on these two aspects, the work package and change and changes to income, the government has not intended to activate any phase of confrontation with the trade unions and the social partners” the secretary continues of the Cisl, Luigi Sbarra. “We see a succession of drafts, which at times clearly contradict the contents of the previous ones. It seems to me that the discussion is going on with sudden changes”. He then adds: “The government would do well, on decisive issues such as this, to work for a phase of confrontation with the unions and social partners. This method that is coming forward is unacceptable. We still urge the government in these hours to resume the discussion on tables open for months and bogged down and to start it on the work provision “.

Uil: “For 6 months the government forgot about work”

The Uil secretary Pierpaolo Bombardieri adds: “It is good that the government talks about work, I am sorry that it has been forgotten for 6 months”. He then points out: “From the drafts we see we raise two issues: wages and the loss of purchasing power; precariousness, if young people don’t have a stable job it’s complicated they can think about the future. We asked to understand how the government and politics are asking. We are waiting to start a discussion on the merits, there had been some measures in recent months, then it was closed”.