Unions: “No to Tim’s stew, no response from the government for now”

No to Tim’s ‘stew’, a strategic company for the country and for which the answers from the government must arrive shortly. This is the position that the confederal and trade unions expressed during the meeting that took place in the afternoon at Palazzo Chigi, with the head of cabinet of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Gaetano Caputi, present to represent the government. The leader of the CGIL Maurizio Landini explains: “We have reiterated the unitary position of the confederations and categories and that is that we are in agreement on working for the single network; however, we have reiterated that we are against any idea of ​​stew which would mean assets of a company like Tim and we have shown the government the need to make decisions and act quickly”.

“On these questions – underlined Landini as he left Palazzo Chigi – we had no answers: this evening the government and those who were present on behalf of the government reserved the right to report this position to the political forum, therefore to the Prime Minister”. The unions reiterated that it is necessary “in the next few days to have a precise answer as to what the government plans to do”.

The Uil leader Pierpaolo Bombardieri explains that “it was recalled that there are 80,000 jobs at stake in this dispute: 43,000 jobs in Tim and 40,000 jobs in related industries. We reiterated that we are against the stew – he continues – and we are convinced that this country, as far as Tim is concerned, must protect a strategic asset that serves for the development of the same country”.

“The head of the cabinet listened to us and said he would report to the political side: obviously we – continued Bombardieri – expect, also given some deadlines in a couple of days (in the mou signed by Cdp the deadline for the offer expires non binding ed) that the government implement the things we have said and reconvene us in the meantime to clarify what it wants to do and then to start a discussion on what the effects on employment will be”. You are disappointed by the absence of ministers or undersecretaries of the meeting? “We usually don’t judge the delegations of others, we are used to evaluating our own, but we found the head of the cabinet and spoke to him” replies Bombardieri.

No to Tim’s stew but that’s not all: the CISL leader Luigi Sbarra reiterates that as a trade union “we take sides in favor of Tim keeping his profile vertically integrated, keeping the network together with all aspects linked to services: there are dance 40,000 direct jobs plus related industries”. But “the future of a large group is also under discussion in a complex and difficult transition phase that requires investments, protection and enhancement of skills” he concludes.