United Kingdom, smartwatch and face scans for sentenced immigrants

The government has struck a £ 6 million deal with a digital bracelet manufacturer

Immigrants involved in a UK crime may soon be forced to take five digital scans of their face to be sent to authorities via a special smartwatch. If the UK Department of Justice is considering the solution, some of the population and those concerned about privacy argue that constant surveillance via smart devices would be not inhumane and unnecessary, but also imprecise. According to internal documents of 2021 obtained by the newspaper The Guardian, immigrants to the UK under surveillance by the Home Office Satellite Tracking Service will be monitored daily remotely via a device secured on the wrist or ankle. In the case of a smartwatch, this will have a camera that the supervised will have to use to send photos of their face every day, which will be remotely controlled with automatic facial recognition systems. If the check fails, the immigrant will have to manually enter his / her personal details on the system. Again according to the
, the UK government struck a £ 6 million deal in May with Buddi Limited, which will supply the special surveillance smartwatch. Buddi produces smart bracelets that are used as an emergency device for the elderly who live alone, in order to report a fall or call for help in case of need, and obviously have an integrated GPS system to detect the position.