United Kingdom, Sunak swimming pool scandal: modifications to the electricity grid to heat it

In the UK, as across much of Europe, people are trying to cut energy consumption due to the increase in gas, but in one area of ​​North Yorkshire the electricity grid has been strengthened to allow the premier’s heated swimming pool to operate Rishi Sunak. The prime minister bought a property in that area two years ago for £1.5 million, spending further money to modernize it and to build a gym, tennis court and 12-metre indoor swimming pool. Now the Guardian reports that the plant consumes so much energy to heat the water that it has made it necessary to upgrade the local electricity grid.

Controversy also of an ecological nature

According to the London newspaper, Sunak paid for the work out of his own pocket to make the electricity supply more powerful, but the news caused a stir because it highlights the different economic condition of the conservative leader compared to the average citizen. The prime minister was already a wealthy banker before marrying and became a billionaire by marrying the daughter of one of India’s richest entrepreneurs. The controversy that has arisen is also of an ecological nature and not only of economic waste and comes just when in England public swimming pools are forced to close precisely because of the increased energy cost.