United States authorizes extradition of former Peruvian president accused of corruption

The United States has authorized the extradition of former Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo, in office from 2001 to 2006. Toledo, 76, accused of corruption, faces a twenty-year and six-month prison sentence in Peru.

The words of the Peruvian prosecutor

The Public Prosecutor’s Office specified that it “coordinated” with the “national and foreign” authorities in view of the “soon execution of his extradition”. “No deadline has been set, but we hope it will not exceed eight weeks,” Alfredo Rebaza, prosecutor at Peru’s extradition office, told local RPP radio.

Who is Alejandro Toledo

Toledo, who studied at the American University of Stanford, has resided in the United States since the end of his term. He returned to Peru in 2011 and 2016 to run for president, but was defeated. In 2019 he was arrested in the United States for corruption in Peru. He has since been under house arrest in his California home and wears an electronic bracelet. He is suspected of having received tens of millions of dollars from the Brazilian construction group Odebrecht, at the center of a vast scandal in South America, in exchange for public contracts. Toledo, however, maintains his innocence, even though he has admitted receiving part of the $34 million paid by the company. The latter admitted to having paid bribes of 29 million dollars in Peru between 2005 and 2014.