University Link: Inauguration of the Academic Year 2023/2024

Link University kicked off the 2023/2024 academic year with a solemn and prestigious ceremony in the Aula Magna Franco Frattini. The event saw the participation of personalities from the academic world, the armed forces, business and institutions. After the institutional greetings of the Magnificent Rector of the Link University, Carlo Alberto Giusti, who opened the ceremony by underlining the importance of education and research in the current context and, after the introduction of Luigi Maruotti, President of the Council of Status and Program Leader of the Course of Studies in Law, which outlined the challenges and opportunities that await students in their academic career, a moment of particular resonance was the lectio magistralis held by Giampiero Massolo, President of the Institute for Law Studies International Politics (ISPI). Massolo, a renowned analyst, addressed the topic of “Scenarios and actors of global disorder”, offering a detailed overview of the current geopolitical contexts. According to Massolo, the international crisis could be mitigated, but not resolved because we live under a toxic cloud based on relationships of comparison and not collaboration. All this leads to economic and functional geography consequences (based on interconnections, gas pipelines, raw material flows). There are, however, mitigating factors that allow geopolitical crises not to overflow with too devastating consequences on a global level. “In the Middle East – said Massolo – the most serious risk is a regionalization of the conflict with direct war actions between Israel and Iran. If this were to happen, it could lead to US involvement, which the Americans certainly do not want today. More generally, a contrast between “The West” and “The Rest” is increasingly evident, that is, between the countries that recognize themselves in the Western model and all the others, in which there are no good and bad people because it is not based on elements of values. but on convenience and interests.” The Rector, Carlo Alberto Giusti, also announced the official launch of the Master’s Degree Course in Primary Education Sciences in Città di Castello, a new location in addition to those already operational in Rome and Naples. “In recent months – recalled the rector, Carlo Alberto Giusti – we hosted the first two editions of the National University Festival, which finally contributed to bringing together the experiences of dozens of Italian academic institutions on highly topical issues such as digital culture and artificial intelligence, and we have given rise to countless meetings, seminars, master classes with prestigious Italian and international figures”. The Inauguration of the Academic Year 2023/2024 at Link University represented an important moment for the academic community, which came together to celebrate the past and look to the future, aware of the challenges and opportunities that higher education can offer the young minds of tomorrow.