Unlike Enrique Iglesias, Karol G gave his golden seagull to a fan and "The monster" I adore her

The opening night of the Vina del Mar Festival 2023 left an emotional and unexpected moment thanks to the Colombian Carol G.who surprised the audience by giving her Golden Gull to a small fan in the audience who danced with her on stage.

The singer took two girls on stage, the first with a red wig imitating the hair of Carol G.with whom he sang a cappella a piece of his hit “provence“. But it was the second girl, named Matilda, who won the hearts of the artist and the public by performing a performance that left everyone speechless.

With a sign that said “This mini Bichota wants to dance with you”, Matilda took the stage and, when asked by Karol G if she wanted to dance, the little girl surprised everyone with her movements.

Immediately afterwards, not only the public present at the Quinta Vergara but also Karol G herself were surprised by the dance steps and the personality of the little girl who asked her name to which the little girl replied that her name is Matilda.

After seeing the dance and with the sympathy that Karol G characterizes, she exclaimed “Matilda won the golden seagull!”, generating an ovation at Quinta Vergara. The singer decided to give her award to the little girl, which caused great emotion in the public.

This gesture by Karol G reminded the one that Enrique Iglesias made at the time, who threw his Golden Seagull into the public and was harshly criticized for the value of the prize. Instead, Karol G demonstrated an act of generosity and affection towards his fans that was highly applauded by all.