Unwanted – Hostages of the Sea, episodes 5 and 6 today on Sky. Previews

When you have nothing left to lose, there is no fear of going all out. Having left behind them a difficult and violent reality, it is time to fight to finally obtain a better condition and the Orizzonte ship is the only possibility that the migrants have at the center of the story told by the new Sky Original series Unwanted – Hostages of the Sea. From tomorrow the two new episodes (fifth and sixth) will be available exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW.

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The situation is now out of control with Tareq (Dada Bozela) and his companions holding the ship’s command room hostage. Arrigo (Marco Bocci) is overwhelmed by events and in a moment of crisis he has a panic attack which allows Edith to take the helm of the Orizzonte and divert it towards Maltese waters. At this point the captain has no alternatives and raises the alarm to the company, which brings the Italian army into the field. Tareq decides that the only possible solution is to negotiate to get off the ship without being returned to the Libyans. Meanwhile, Diletta (Denise Capezza) discovers that she is pregnant and this pushes her husband Nicola (Maro Palvetti) to qualify as a policeman to help with the ship’s security, but he makes a wrong decision with a potentially fatal consequence…


Unwanted – Hostages of the Sea is an eight-episode series produced by Sky Studios together with Pantaleon Films and Indiana Production, freely based on Bilal (published by La nave di Teseo), the investigative book by undercover journalist Fabrizio Gatti on the journey he undertook along the Sahara routes, populated not only by migrants who move from Africa to reach Europe but also by those who business profiting from their desperation. All the episodes are directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, an award-winning German director who has become famous throughout the world thanks to titles such as The Fall – Hitler’s Last Days, Diana and the winner of the Sundance Film Festival in 2009 Shadow of Vengeance – Five Minutes of Heaven.


Filmed in English, Italian, German, French and various African dialects, the series is performed by a large multicultural cast led by Marco Bocci and Jessica Schwarz, and which includes Dada Bozela, Hassan Najib, Jonathan Berlin, Jason Derek Prempeh, Cecilia Dazzi, Francesco Acquaroli, Barbara Auer, Sylvester Groth, Marco Palvetti, Denise Capezza, Nuala Peberdy, Samuel Kalambay, Amadou Mbow, Edward Apeagyei, Reshny Massaka, Onyinye Odokoro, Massimo De Lorenzo, Scot Williams.


Created by Stefano Bises (Esterno notte, The New Pope, The King, Speravo de mori prima), Unwanted – Hostages of the Sea it is written by Stefano Bises with the collaboration of Alessandro Valenti, Bernardo Pellegrini and Michela Straniero. The series is produced for Pantaleon by Dan Maag, Marco Beckmann, Patrick Zorer, Stephanie Schettler-Koehler and by the producer Sascha Rosemann who first had the idea of ​​adapting the book by Fabrizio Gatti; for Indiana it is produced by Fabrizio Donvito, Benedetto Habib, Daniel Campos Pavoncelli and Marco Cohen. Executive producers for Sky Studios are Nils Hartmann, Sonia Rovai and Erica Negri. NBCUniversal Global Distribution is the international distributor of the series on behalf of Sky Studios.


Thinking of being returned to the Libyans, Marem entrusts her few-month-old daughter to a cruise passenger, Diletta. Tareq holds the crew hostage and wants them to take them to Italy. Arrigo has a panic attack in a moment of crisis. Edith formally takes command and orders them to head towards Maltese waters. While Edith goes to the migrants to reassure them, Arrigo sends the official alarm to the company. Meanwhile, a cruise passenger kills herself by jumping from the deck of the ship.


After the alarm, the ship was kept under control by the army. Tareq demands to talk to them to find an agreement. Sure of being safe, Marem asks Diletta to have her daughter back and shortly after Diletta discovers that she is pregnant with her. Her husband Nicola, a carabiniere, offers his help to the on-board security to resolve the situation and without authorization he arms himself with her gun. Franco has kissed Sophia, his wife asks him to disembark.