Urban Award 2022, which will be the most sustainable city?

There is time until November 7, 2022 to participate in the Prize. The winning municipality will be awarded in November at the ANCI Assembly

The European Week of Sustainable Mobility has just ended and the opportunity opens up for Italian municipalities to raise awareness of the projects implemented to make cities increasingly green. There is time until November 7, 2022 to participate in Urban Award, Prize for sustainable mobility, conceived by Ludovica Casellati, director of Viagginbici.com and Luxurybikehotels.com, Urban Award and organized with Anci, in collaboration with Openjobmetis Spa, Intesa Sanpaolo, Bosch eBike Systems and Confindustria Ancma. Urban Award aims to reward the most virtuous Municipalities, which invest concretely in sustainable mobility and to make their projects known, so that they are also an incentive for other administrations.

Sustainable mobility is a goal of the 2030 Agenda and redefining the country in this perspective is a need that can no longer be extended. Last August a very important event took place for our country. In fact, the general plan for cycling has finally been approved by MIMS, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility. After four years, thanks to the work of Anci, Regions, Autonomous Provinces, associations and experts, a tool is born that allows you to define the planning of interventions for the next three years both in the urban and tourist areas. Road safety, signs, shared space are the cornerstones of the document which proposes a new vision of cities and territories. Cycle routes are financed in urban centers and at extra-urban level. This is a significant turning point because it will allow for a coordinated planning of interventions and the systematic vision that we intend to promote in our country. The Plan is an integral part of the General Transport and Logistics Plan, is aimed at creating the “National Cycling Mobility System” (Snmc) and is divided into two sectors: urban and metropolitan area and extra-urban area (provincial or inter-municipal, regional, national and European). The purpose of the Plan is to ensure that cycling becomes a fundamental component of the country’s sustainable mobility system, with characteristics of wide accessibility, positive environmental impact and low economic cost.

“The delivery of the Urban Award – underlines the president of Anci Antonio Decaro – has now become a fixed appointment for the national assemblies of the Anci, as an effect and recognition of the important space that this initiative has won in the world of those who love bicycles, uses them, trades them and produces them. And among us administrators, who at every level now consider them an integral part of the urban planning of all cities. There are dozens of urban redevelopment projects that include dedicated routes and infrastructures, but now all of this is framed in something larger at national level: in fact, there is finally a general plan for cycling, within which each local project takes on further significance. and value. This growth in the sector and in the use of bicycles is also partly due to the Urban Award, which has proved to be a useful tool available to local administrations to exchange and disseminate best practices and design choices best suited to their territory “.

On the occasion of the European Week for Sustainable Mobility – which saw the participation of over 2,600 European cities, of which about seventy Italian, who shared their experiences and projects – the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility presented a report on new investments, sector reforms and planning the development of the various modes of transport in an intermodal perspective to improve the quality of life of people and the competitiveness of businesses, reduce territorial inequalities, while respecting the environment. Thanks to an additional investment of over 94 billion euros, 700 more kilometers of high-speed railways and regional lines will be built over the next few years, 216 more kilometers of new metro, tramways, bus lines in cities, 1,800 km of urban cycle paths. and suburban. All with a view to transforming mobility and making it more sustainable.

“From 2017 to today Urban Award has had a privileged observatory on the evolution of sustainable mobility in Italy – underlines Ludovica Casellati, creator of the Award -. We have noticed a growing interest from administrations and an ever more solid awareness of the importance of acting on this front. The idea of ​​rewarding the initiatives carried out by the most far-sighted municipalities was born from the belief that by promoting best practices these would then be taken as a model by other administrations. Time has proved us right. Over the years, the Urban Award has seen an increasing number of adhesions and the presentation of interesting and replicable projects. From the construction of new structures such as cycle paths to more complex plans such as the Smart Move, winner of 2021, which redefined the city of Genoa, to innovative ideas such as the Bicipolitan of Pesaro or the Ciclobus of Segrate “.

A fundamental role in the diffusion of sustainable mobility also as a lifestyle is played by companies. More and more companies are committed to this front with incentives and promotional initiatives. Openjobmetis, Employment Agency, Partner of Urban Award, present on the market for over 20 years, has been promoting bike to work for several years.

“Last September 16th was the national day of bike to work – underlines Rosario Rasizza, CEO of Openjobmetis -. An opportunity that reminded us of the importance of encouraging our collaborators to sustainable mobility since this is also a form of attention, of welfare, that we can propose for the well-being of people and the protection of the environment. For several years, in fact, we have been promoting the use of alternative means to the car: in our offices we have made available to our colleagues fleets of bicycles and scooters that can be used for short trips around the city. Finally, on 21 September, on the occasion of the international Zero Emission Day, we launched a call to action to all colleagues with the aim of raising awareness of more environmentally friendly choices, for a more sustainable lifestyle, for help reduce the carbon footprint that threatens our environment. Many colleagues have joined our initiative, demonstrating not only their green side, but also their propensity to feel responsible citizens of the world ”.

To secure a place in the top list of the cities most attentive to cycling in Italy, the municipal administrations have until November 7, 2022, when the Urban Award jury will meet to decide the winner of the 2022 edition. existing projects, but also those just approved by public administrations and the communication and awareness-raising activities implemented by the Municipalities will also be evaluated through events and initiatives aimed at promoting the use of integrated mobility, such as bicycles and public transport or incentives for the use of soft mobility also integrated with local public transport to reduce the use of private cars. It is possible to send the application directly online from the new website www.urbanaward.it. The rules and the downloadable application form are available both on the Prize website and on the Anci website, www.anci.it. The candidacy must be presented by the mayor or his delegate by 7 November 2022 also at [email protected] The application form must contain a description of the project supported by photographic or video material, which allows the jury to evaluate the actual benefit that derives to the city and citizens from the project presented.

The Urban Award jury is chaired by Ludovica Casellati, director of Viagginbici.com and Luxurybikehotels and creator of the Award. It is made up of institutions, opinion leaders, associations, journalists from the tourism and bicycle sectors: Marino Bartoletti, Bike Channel editorial director; Vittorio Brumotti, international champion and correspondent of Striscia la Notizia; Massimo Cirri, author of Caterpillar Radio 2; Federica Cudini, Marketing Manager Italy Bosch eBike Systems; Antonella Galdi, Deputy Secretary General of Anci; Maria Rita Grieco, TG editor in chief; Stefano Laporta president of Ispra; Paolo Liguori, editorial director Riformista TV and Tgcom24; Silvia Livoni, Bikeconomy Observatory; Piero Nigrelli, director of the cycle sector of Ancma; Rosario Rasizza, CEO Openjobmetis; Monica Sala, journalist who hosts Radio Monte Carlo, Pierangelo Soldavini, journalist Il Sole24Ore.

The winning Municipalities of the Urban Award 2022 will be awarded at the XXXIX Anci National Assembly, which will be held from 22 to 24 November 2022 in Bergamo. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded to Municipalities that have demonstrated that they possess a series of requirements including the assessment of the impact of the project on the territory, the effective usability of the services by the citizen, the elimination of air pollution, the communication and awareness tools used to promote the use of sustainable mobility. An Intesa Sanpaolo Special Mention and a Jobmetoo Special Mention will also be awarded for projects with a social impact. The winner will receive a bike park, offered by the companies associated with Confindustria ANCMA, the National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories, in particular by Bosch eBike Systems, Bergamont and Selle SMP.