Urban Award, Municipalities competing for green mobility

The aim of the award is to make known the best projects of municipal administrations to increase the use of sustainable mobility. Antonio Decaro: “It’s a way to put ourselves in competition. And by doing it we exchange good practices and solutions”

Sustainable mobility is an objective that is part of the UN 2030 Agenda and ecological transition projects, among which the most important at the moment are those on the development of cycling, will be protagonists. Italy has a network of cycle and cycling routes of approximately 58,000 kilometers. The road is open, but the Italian municipalities must continue to invest in soft mobility and in particular in cycling. Making known the best projects of municipal administrations to increase the use of sustainable mobility is the goal of Urban Awardpresented in Rome at the Anci headquarters.

Designed in 2017 by Ludovica Casellati, director of Viagginbici.com and Luxurybikehotels.com, Urban Award is organized with Anci and intends to reward virtuous Municipalities and encourage administrations to invest in the future. The winning municipalities of the 2022 edition will be awarded at the 39th ANCI national assembly, which will be held in Bergamo in autumn. The winning Municipality will receive a bike park made available by the companies of Ancma (National Association of cycle and motorcycle accessories, of Confindustria)

“Municipalities that focus on sustainable mobility invest for the future”, says Ludovica Casellati, explaining that the Urban Award’s goal is “to encourage administrations to promote the creation of adequate cycle paths in cities and routes that safely facilitate cycling. work and bike to school. In recent years, the Urban Award has valued the good practices of many cities, ensuring that a virtuous competition was triggered to reproduce these models. It must be said that in the last two years the bicycle has been used more in cities as a means of transport for reasons of social distancing, for physical activity, for greater environmental awareness, but also for the increase in cycle infrastructures and this has moved the focus of the whole jury to take more into consideration the use of this medium more than others “.

Cities by bicycle

Municipal administrations are demonstrating an increasing sensitivity towards sustainable mobility. Over the years, the Urban Award has rewarded initiatives that aimed at improving the structures, but also innovative ideas, from the Bicipolitan of Pesaro, up to very complex plans such as the Smart Move which made Genoa, the winner of the 2021 edition, make a qualitative leap. or the special mention always obtained last year by Ciclobus of Segrate.

“For us ordinary people, this award represents a way to put ourselves in competition. And by doing so we exchange good practices and solutions – says Antonio Decaro, president of Anci – and some of these good practices were born thanks to this award. After the competition phase, then, these good or practices become common heritage, from the bicipolitan to the park and ride “. Urban Award, in fact, intends to raise awareness of the solutions that administrations have created or are implementing to allow citizens and tourists to increase the use of bicycles and integrated transport for their travels. All to promote sustainable mobility and reduce the environmental impact generated by private vehicles.

Only concrete projects will be considered

From tomorrow, explains Ludovica Casellati, “Municipalities will be able to download an application form and the regulation through which to indicate their own projects until October 14. And only existing projects will be evaluated, not those on paper, and this is the first rule”. In fact, the award will take into consideration projects that have just been approved or are in progress by public administrations. Communication and awareness-raising activities implemented by the Municipalities through events and initiatives aimed at promoting the use of integrated mobility, such as bicycles and public transport or incentives for the use of soft mobility, also integrated with local public transport, will also be taken into consideration. reduction in the use of private cars.

The regulation will be published on the Anci website, where you will also find the application form to be used to send the application form. The candidacy must be presented by the mayor or his delegate by 14 October 2022 at [email protected] The application form must contain a description of the project supported by photographic or video material, which allows the jury to evaluate the actual benefit that derives to the city and citizens from the project presented.

Bike to work

A fundamental role in spreading the culture of sustainable mobility is played by companies, encouraging the use of two wheels to reach the workplace. “In fact, we believe that promoting soft mobility is a good practice to be supported, with the aim of minimizing our environmental impact. For several years in the company we have been encouraging employees to use alternative means to the car by providing them with fleets of bicycles or scooters for commuting from home to work and for short trips around town “, says Rosario Rasizza, CEO of the Agency. for the work Openjobmetis, title sponsor of the award.

Always attentive to the sustainable development of society, the Intesa Sanpaolo banking group confirms itself as the top sponsor of this sixth edition as well, and will assign a special mention. “We are in a moment in which it is increasingly essential that everyone do their part to reduce the environmental impact and this project every year recognizes the commitment of the municipalities in the implementation of initiatives that promote soft mobility by pursuing this goal. Once again I thank Intesa Sanpaolo, with whom I share the values ​​linked to sustainability, for having involved me also for this edition ”, declares Vittorio Brumotti, international champion and correspondent of Striscia la Notizia.

Growth of the e-bike market

2021 saw a 5% increase in the sale of electric bicycles. An alternative cycle mobility, which is also promoted by Bosch eBike Systems, technical sponsor of the Urban Award. “All the most recent data and forecasts suggest that the success of eBikes is destined to continue, with ever-increasing numbers, capable of driving the growth of the entire two-wheel sector – said Federica Cudini, Country Marketing Manager Italy – Bosch eBike Systems – The mobility revolution is underway, an increasingly sustainable, connected and digitized mobility, with the eBike among the major protagonists. We at Bosch eBike Systems continue to support it with our products and technologies, but the continuous dialogue with the municipal, regional and national public administration is of fundamental importance in order to create an infrastructure suitable for welcoming it “.

Ancma, adds Piero Nigrelli, director of the cycle sector, “is once again a partner in this initiative because it shares its values ​​and, above all, the ability to turn a spotlight on the good practices that Italian municipalities introduce to develop cycling mobility. The market has demonstrated in recent years a very significant dynamism, which now needs to be exploited through a cohesive and structural logic of incentives for use “.

The announcement of the winners in the fall

The Urban Award jury is chaired by Ludovica Casellati, director of Viagginbici.com and Luxurybikehotels and creator of the Award. It is made up of institutions, opinion leaders, associations, journalists from the tourism and bicycle sectors. A select committee of Anci will make a first selection of the projects presented, which will then be evaluated by the whole jury, which will meet a few days before the announcement of the winners.

The announcement of the winners will take place in the autumn, in Bergamo, on the occasion of the 39th Anci National Assembly. The first, second and third prizes, as well as a special mention, will be awarded to the Municipalities that in the presentation of the project will demonstrate the development of issues related to sustainability, including: environmental impact assessment, effective usability of services, reduction of atmospheric pollution, communication and awareness tools for citizens and tourists. The 2022 edition will focus above all on the change of pace of the Municipality towards the bicycle and its use.

The winner will receive a bike park, offered by the Ancma companies.