Urmet: with Neius we apply artificial intelligence to video surveillance

Urmet, a historic Turin company specializing in surveillance and video door entry systems, recently presented the new line of Neius professional cameras, which stands out because it applies artificial intelligence to video surveillance. Within the system it is possible to find different types of cameras suitable for use in offices, shops, small and large companies but also (with the NEIUS Platinum range) in transport and for urban security. And to launch the cameras, Urmet also thought of a very special spot.

The main features and intelligent algorithms

The Neius line is made up of cameras and “Total IP” video recording equipment, that is, which transmit data on the local network and on the Internet. Among the main points, the Turin-based company explains, there are resistance to shock and atmospheric agents, video quality up to 16 megapixels, night vision and intelligent and behavioral analysis. In fact, Neius cameras integrate different algorithms that allow, thanks to deep learning, to be alarmed or attract the attention of operators, for example, if a pxperson crosses one or two points of the viewing angle but are also able to distinguish between a man and a vehicle, to understand if an object has been lost or abandoned, they can be alarmed if they notice people running, if a crowd is crowded at a certain point, if someone parks in an illegal parking lot, even if a person apparently walks up and aimlessly down, they can also check if a company’s employees are all wearing safety helmets and can look for people with glasses, men, women, young people, children and so on in the frame. The Speed ​​Dome version can also move 360 ​​degrees and “chase” a person or a car. The Neius system uses a proprietary codec (S + 265) which reduces the size of the video stream by more than 30 percent, guaranteeing always fluid operation and, through the Neius Control software, simultaneous management of up to 512 cameras. Finally, they tell us, they are compatible with the main third-party video surveillance systems and are safe: Urmet has worked with external companies to make cameras and firmware unassailable from the outside.

The spot

To launch the new line of cameras, Urmet collaborated with the broadcast “Crimes a Closed Circuit” on the Crime + Investigation channel, which makes video surveillance one of its main topics, presenting an advertisement shot entirely with the Neius cameras themselves, to demonstrate – they explain – “how cameras can guarantee high quality standards within a context such as that of the production of commercials, in which quality is crucial”.