US-China tension, US Poseidon military plane flies over the Taiwan Strait

New tensions between China and the United States in the skies after a US plane passed over the Taiwan Strait. China’s People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater said it monitored the passage of a US P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft and “arranged fighter planes to track and monitor the US aircraft throughout the process”.

China: “Provocative actions from the USA”

“US warships and warplanes have often carried out provocative actions in recent times, fully demonstrating that the United States is a disruptor of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and creates security risks in the Taiwan Strait,” reads a statement. note from the eastern theater of the PLA signed by spokesman Shi Yi, underlining that “the troops of the theater always maintain a high level of alert and resolutely defend national sovereignty and security, as well as regional peace and stability”.

The USA: “Passage in accordance with international law”

The passage of the P-8A Poseidon over the Taiwan Strait had been announced in the past few hours by the US Seventh Fleet, underlining that the transit of the military aircraft was operated “in accordance with international law” and “demonstrates the commitment of the United States for a free and open Indo-Pacific”.