US Congress assault, QAnon shaman sentenced to over 3 years in prison

Prosecutors had asked for an exemplary sentence: “He has become the public face of the uprising on Capitol Hill”

Jacob Chansley, the ‘QAnon shaman’ who became the face and symbol of Donald Trump supporters’ assault on Congress on January 6, received a sentence of over three years in prison. The district judge, Royce Lamberth, has in fact announced the 41-month prison sentence for Chansley, who, before joining the conspiracy sect, attempted an acting career under the pseudonym Jake Angeli.

Considering that the accused was not accused of assault, this is an exemplary sentence even if less than the 51 months that had been requested by federal prosecutors who wanted an exemplary sentence precisely for the fame obtained by the man who attacked the symbols of democracy American with a painted face and a Viking headdress on her head.

“The accused’s now famous criminal actions made him the public face of the uprising on Capitol Hill – they said – the accused was in the group of the first 30 rioters who entered Congress, patrolling the corridors, inciting other rioters shouting obscenities on deputies and senators and speaking of “opportunity” to get rid of the government of those who are considered traitors “.

It is the toughest sentence so far inflicted on a participant in the riot, along with that, also of 41 months, decided by Judge Lamberth himself last week for Scott Fairlamn, a former MMA wrestler who admitted assaulting a policeman. The third rioter to date, Paul Hodginks, was sentenced to 8 months.