US Congress assault, two months to those who organized buses from Pennsylvania

Although accused only of a minor offense, Frank Scavo received the prison sentence from the same federal judge who in recent days sentenced the shaman QAnon to over 3 years

Frank Scavo, Donald Trump’s supporter who organized the coaches to bring 200 people from Pennsylvania to Washington for the rally that later resulted in the assault on Congress, was sentenced to two months in prison. It was Judge Royce Lamberth, the same one who in recent days sentenced the shaman QAnon who became the symbol of the assault to over 3 years, who decided the penalty much more severe than the one initially requested by the prosecutors.

Scavo, who on January 6 posted several videos extolling the assault on Congress, in his speech in the courtroom before the sentence had tried to minimize his role by saying that given his “small height” he could not see what is happening in that “sad day”. And remembering collaborating with FBI investigators.

The judge for his part, while acknowledging that Scavo did not participate in violent actions and admitted his faults, recalled the gravity of his actions in blocking the government’s activity and “the consequences for the nation”. In addition to the two-month sentence, he also imposed a maximum fine of $ 5,000.