US, Congress reaches agreement to avoid shutdown

In the United States, congressional leaders have reached an agreement on a short-term budget bill to maintain funding for the federal government until the first week of March and thus avoid a shutdown. Informed sources reported this to CNN. The agreement arrived just before the first deadline of January 19th. The second deadline was scheduled for February 2nd. House Republicans will hold a conference call Sunday evening to discuss the proposal. (DONALD TRUMP SENTENCED TO PAY 400 THOUSAND DOLLARS TO THE NYT)

The agreement

Last weekend, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Mike Johnson announced that they had reached an agreement on the spending bill but the far-right Trumpists in the House had rejected it and asked for changes. The agreement provides for 886 billion in defense spending and 704 billion in other sectors, but the issue of aid to Israel and Ukraine remains, on which the extremists do not want to give in unless there is an increase in funds for the fight against illegal immigration and to deal with the crisis on the border with Mexico.