US elections 2024, Bannon’s gimmick: “Trump choose Kennedy as deputy”

Far-right guru suggests former president join JFK’s popular right-wing Democrat nephew in campaign for White House due to his no-vax positions

Bobby Kennedy would, I think, be an excellent choice than President Trump must consider as his running mate”. Thus Steve Bannon, strategist and guru of the US far right, advised Donald Trump to choose, as his deputy, the son of Bob Kennedy, and nephew of Jfk, who, despite running in the White House with a Democratic agenda of support for abortion and gun control, he is beloved by the right Maga for his known anti-vax positions.

A regular guest on conservative broadcasters, from Fox New to Alex Jones’ Infowars, Kennedy thus became very popular with anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists of the far right and, recalls Bannon, recently received a standing ovation when he attended an event “by the most extreme wing of the Maga”, the Trumpian movement of Make America Great Again. Another Trump loyalist, and close to US far-right groups, Roger Stone also defined the possible bipartisan Trump-Kennedy ticket a ‘dream ticket“.

While not sharing some of the positions of the scion of the dem dynasty, Stone appreciates his opposition to the “globalists” and his skepticism towards supporting Ukraine against Russia. “On these geopolitical issues, he says sensible things, in fact he is very reminiscent of Donald Trump,” she said.

Words of appreciation for the 69-year-old environmental lawyer – who was already carrying on one before Covid crusade against the alliance between pharmaceutical companies, government and media to promote vaccinations that according to him cause diseases, including autism – also come from Michael Flynn, Trump’s former security adviser convicted of Russiagate: “I’m really starting to like this presidential candidate’s attitude “, wrote the retired general who was pardoned by Trump, as well as Stone and Bannon.

To these unusual appreciations that come from conservative exponents, the campaign of Kennedy merely replies that he “is running for the Democratic nomination“. While in recent weeks, Kennedy himself with a tweet denied the news that Bannon would have pushed him to run to create chaos in the Democratic camp. “Steven Bannon has nothing to do with my presidential campaign,” he wrote last April 8th.

No exponent of the Democratic establishment has challenged Joe Biden’s re-election candidacy, which in the dem primaries will only be faced by Kennedy and the activist and writer Marianne Williamson. And, perhaps thanks to the name that links it to the most famous democratic dynasty in America, Kennedy so far garners interest from 21% of the Democratic baseaccording to a recent Emerson College poll, by 19% according to Fox news.