US elections 2024, Biden: “If it weren’t for Trump I wouldn’t run again”

“If Donald Trump didn’t run, I’m not sure I would run” admitted United States President Joe Biden who will seek a second term in the White House in the 2024 presidential elections, scheduled for a year from now. Then he added that ” democracy is at risk” because Trump and his allies intend to destroy democratic institutions. “We cannot let him win” concluded Biden.

“Trump is a defeated president”

Speaking at an election fundraising event in Boston, Massachusetts, the 81-year-old Democrat repeatedly attacked his opponent Trump, the clear favorite in the Republican primaries, branding him a “defeated president”. Biden’s words, CNN highlights, took his campaign officials and advisors by surprise. A spokesperson assured that the president has already beaten Trump once and will be able to do it again.

The tycoon’s reply

A few hours later Donald Trump responded to the accusations by saying: “I will only be a dictator on the first day of the presidency, when I close the borders and cancel climate policies and start drilling. It’s the Democrats who abuse their power, not me.” The 77-year-old former president then added that the enthusiasm around his candidacy is “greater than ever, more than the 2016 and 2020 elections, in which we did very well anyway”.