US elections 2024, Biden: “It is clear that Trump will be the candidate, our democracy is at stake”

The statement after the former president’s victory in New Hampshire

It is now clear that Donald Trump will be the Republican candidateand my message to the nation is that the The stakes couldn’t be higher: our democracy.”. As Joe Bidenwith a statement, expresses the belief that the former president’s victory in New Hampshire confirms that he will be his opponent in the November elections.

“Our personal freedoms, from women’s right to choose to the right to vote, our economy, which is seeing the strongest recovery in the world after Covid, all of this is at stake”, added the Democratic president who then thanked the voters of the Democratic primaries who voted for him, writing his name on the ballot in which the president did not appear as a result of a controversy between the national Democratic party and that of New Hampshire on the date on which the vote should be held.

Finally, Biden turned to independent voters and also to Republicans who “share our commitment to the fundamental values ​​of our nation, our democracy, our personal freedoms, the economic that offers everyone an equal opportunity, to join us as Americans.”