US elections 2024, Biden: “Voters will evaluate my age, as I did”

“I can beat Trump, but I would have run without him”

Joe Biden, who at 80 is already the oldest president in American history, acknowledges that he “carefully weighed” the question of age before running for office for the 2024 US election to a second term and to know that voters will do the same. Answering reporters’ questions during his conference with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, Biden, who will complete his second term at 86 if re-elected, then said he often “doesn’t remember” his age

“I can’t even say how old I am, I can’t say the number”, joked the president who in any case admits that age will be a question that will be evaluated by the voters. “They will see my campaign, and they will decide whether or not I have the strength – he continued – I respect the fact that they carefully evaluate my age, I did too before deciding to run again”.

Biden then contested the fact that his re-election bid is linked to the fact that Donald Trump ran for the White House again: “I think I would have run anyway,” even without Trump, he said. And when asked if he considers himself the only Democrat capable of beating the former president, he replied: “maybe I’m not the only one, but I know him well and I know the danger he represents for our democracy”. “We’ve already gone down this road,” he concluded referring to the 2020 elections he won and then contested by Trump.