US elections 2024, Trump attacks Nikki Haley: “Allied with communists and extremists”

After Ron DeSantis’ withdrawal from the race, Nikki Haley remains Donald Trump’s main antagonist to represent the Republicans in the race for the White House, with the tycoon who at a rally in Laconia, New Hampshire, on the eve of the primaries in the state, said attacked the challenger, calling her: “Allied with communists and extremists. The people who support Nikky are pro-China, pro-Biden. She wants to raise the retirement age and tax workers.” Meanwhile, a group of demonstrators interrupted the rally three times, with the protest lasting a few minutes. The former president downplayed what happened, calling it: “A good sign.”

The attacks on Biden and the thoughts on Capitol Hill

“With your vote you will send the corrupt Biden home” the former president declared again: “We will return to the White House and do things as they should be done, we must send a signal for November: we will defeat the corrupt Biden and we will make America new great, if you want to save America, vote for me, the Republican party is increasingly united around me to defeat Biden” added Trump, introducing on stage his former internal rivals Vivek Ramaswamy, Senator Tim Scott and the governor of North Dakota Doug Burnum. The tycoon also promised his supporters in New Hampshire that if he is re-elected president he will have the Capitol Hill insurrectionists released from prison. During his last rally before the primaries in Laconia someone in the crowd shouted at the tycoon: ‘”Free those of January 6th” and he replied: “I will”.