US elections 2024, Trump prepares the return on Twitter and Facebook

The Donald studies the first tweet after the readmission on the social network and asks Meta to reopen the doors of Fb

In view of the new presidential campaign for the 2024 US elections, Donald Trump is preparing to regain control of his main electoral tool, social media from which it was banned after the assault on Congress in January 2021. In fact, the former president he got his Twitter account back from the new patron Elon Musk, even if he hasn’t resumed tweeting yet because – he says – he prefers to continue externalizing on his social network Truth. He now officially asks to be able to return to Facebook as well.

“We believe that the ban on President Trump’s Facebook account has drastically distorted and inhibited public debate,” reads a letter sent by the Trump campaign to Meta, a copy of which was obtained by Nbc News, in which he asks us for “a meeting to discuss a speedy readmission of President Trump to the platform”.

The letter appeals to freedom of expression, but does not threaten any legal action, which according to some Trump was considering. For his part, Facebook informs him that “he will announce a decision in the coming weeks in line with the established process”, referring to the fact that he has agreed to review the ban imposed on Trump every two years.

Regarding Twitter, Republican sources close to the former president think that “Trump will probably return to tweeting, the only question is when and how.” “He’s been talking about it for weeks”, revealing again, underlining however that Trump always decides on his head and therefore “no one can guess what he will say and when”.

Meanwhile, other informed sources reveal, for weeks members of his staff have been proposing ideas for his first tweet with which to return, after two years, to the social network which has been the main communication tool of his electoral campaign and also of his presidency.

On the Facebook front, it is pointed out that Trump now has a pressure tool in the new Republican majority in the House: “if Facebook wants to go to battle, fine, but the House is a pressure tool and keeping Trump out of the social network is just a move politics,” the sources say, recalling the letter in which dem exponents asked Facebook to confirm Trump’s ban.