US elections 2024, Trump wins primaries in New Hampshire: “Now I can’t lose anymore”

The former president gets 54% and attacks Haley, asking her to withdraw. But she doesn’t give up

When you win Iowa and you win New Hampshire, no one has ever lost, so we won’t be first“. As Donald Trump he expressed his certainty that his new victory last night in the Granite State will propel him towards the nomination, even if the process of the primaries has just begun.

With a record turnout, the former president prevailed over Nikki Haley, the only opponent left in the field, with 54.4% against the 43.6% of the ambassador to the UN, according to results not yet definitive in the State where the Republican had the best chance of winning since even unregistered Republicans could participate in the primaries.

According to Trump, faced with “such poor” results, Haley should throw in the towel. Then the attack in which she called her “an impostor” and accused her of living “in a delirious state” via social media.

While he gave his victory speech, Trump had next to him some of the candidates for the Republican nomination who withdrew and gave their endorsement to the tycoon. Like Tim Scott, the only African-American Republican senator: “The primaries are over – said the representative from South Carolina – the time has come for the party to reunite around our candidate and next president of the United States, Donald Trump. Let’s get started to do it tonight!”.

“You must really hate her,” Trump said, turning to Scott, referring to the fact that Haley, when she was governor of South Carolina, had first nominated the Republican senator. Trump also had words of appreciation for Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, who surprisingly retired on Sunday.

And he instead attacked Chris Sununu, the Republican governor of New Hampshire, and Haley’s supporters, falsely accusing him of having allowed independents and non-registered Republicans to vote in the primaries to disadvantage him, while this has long been a rule applied in the state. “They tried to harm me in every possible way,” he said.

Haley doesn’t give up

“New Hampshire is the first state in the nation, not the last to vote,” said Haley, in the speech in which she acknowledged her new defeat, ruling out the possibility of withdrawing from the race for the White House and recalling that the victory of Donald Trump plays into the hands of the Democrats. “The secret known to everyone in politics is that the Democrats want to have Trump as an opponent at all costs,” added the 52-year-old former UN ambassador, while her supporters shouted “Trump is a loser”.

Haley thus confirmed that she will now move to South Carolina, the state where she was governor, and where the next round of primaries will take place on February 24.

“This race is far from over: there are still dozens of states to go to and the next one is my dear South Carolina,” Haley said again speaking about her state. In her speech, the Republican defended her position by recalling how she is progressively rising in the polls, with a campaign that started at 2% and which has now allowed her to remain Trump’s only challenger. And he insisted that a new candidacy of the former president would be negative for the Republicans: “With Donald Trump, the Republicans lost almost all competitive elections, we lost the Senate, the House, the White House, we lost in 2018 , in 2020 and 2022”.