US Midterm election, Musk: “Vote for a Republican Congress”

Vote for a Republican majority Congress, as the presidency is Democratic. It is Elon Musk’s recommendation addressed to “independent-minded voters” on the eve of the mid-term elections who will decide the composition of Congress. “To independent voters: shared power limits the worst excesses of both parties, so I recommend voting Republican “Musk wrote on Twitter. (USA MIDTERM ELECTIONS, THE SKY TG24 SPECIAL – USA MIDTERM ELECTIONS, GRAPHS AND MAPS).

The criticism of Biden last June

The entrepreneur founding Tesla and SpaceX and now also owner of the social network stressed that Democrats and Republicans convinced never vote for the other party, so “independent voters are the ones who really decide who’s boss”. In the past, Musk has repeatedly stated that he does not fully identify with any party and generally supports the more moderate factions on each side, but in recent months he has made it clear that he is in favor of Republican positions right now. Last June, the billionaire had already announced that he wanted to vote for the GOP and had been very critical of Joe Biden’s Democratic administration.