US midterm elections 2022, duel between Vance and Ryan in Ohio

Once sided with anti-Trump Republicans, Vance is now an enthusiastic supporter of the former president

In a state that in the last rounds of elections has voted solidly Republican, the decision of Republican Senator Rob Portman not to run again in the US midterm elections 2022 opened the duel between the candidate chosen by the Democrats, Tim Ryan, a deputy for the tenth term and presidential candidate in the 2020, and that of the Republicans, JD Vance, 38-year-old venture capitalist who became famous for his book, from which a film was made, “Hillbilly Elegy”, an elegy of forgotten rural America.

Once sided with the anti-Trump Republicans, the so-called “Never Trumpers”, now Vance is an enthusiastic supporter of the former president who, in his usual frank style, said of him: “Jd licks my feet, wants mine. support at all costs “.

Freshman of politics, Vance has made several missteps, but he can enjoy financial support from several financial groups, brandishing Ryan with the accusation of being a fake moderate, while in reality he would support the more extremist agenda of dem, certainly unwelcome in the ‘ Conservative Ohio.