US midterm elections 2022, Georgia ex football champion reverend challenge

Hershel Walker was chosen and strongly wanted by Trump to challenge Raphael Warnock

A hugely popular former African American football champion, Hershel Walker was chosen and strongly supported by Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for the Senate in Georgia in the 2022 US midterm elections to challenge Raphael Warnock, the reverend who two years ago became the first African American senator to be elected in Georgia. Walker’s campaign was marked by many scandals and controversies, especially when two women came forward with evidence that the Republican – who claims to be anti-abortion – had forced them to abort, paying for the surgery.

Despite this, Walker always went ahead with the attack in his campaign, inspired by the model of his friend and mentor Trump, who however has kept away from the campaign in the state where he is under investigation for trying to subvert the election result. On the contrary, Walker’s campaign tied the Democrat to President Biden, exploiting the president’s unpopularity.

According to the exit polls released by Nbcnews before the polls closed, two out of three voters do not trust the judgment of the former football champion, while a majority, 51%, trust that of the Democrat. But on the other hand, the Republican campaign seems to have had an effect, since 44% of voters consider Warnock “too extremist” and only 39% have the same opinion about Walker.