US midterm elections 2022, what the exit polls say

Exit poll Cnn: 7 out of 10 voters not satisfied with the situation in the country

The Joe Biden’s approval rate is 45%, according to the exit polls published by CNN on the US midterm elections 2022, who register as seven out of ten voters are unhappy with the situation in the country, and a third say they are not only dissatisfied but angry. In particular, 61% of voters believe that the price of gasoline is creating difficulties for them.

According to half of the respondents, Biden’s policies are damaging the country, with 36% expressing the opposite. Despite this, 48% of respondents do not consider today’s vote a referendum on Biden, and for 48% the president was not a factor that determined the vote.

WHAT DETERMINED THE VOTE – An electorate dissatisfied with the state of the nation and with a generally negative opinion on Joe Biden is the image of the Americans who went to vote in the midterm elections today that emerges from the exit poll released by CNN before the polls closed. For 32% of the interviewees, the most important issue that determined their vote was inflation, for 27% abortion, for 12% crime, for another 12% the problem of weapons and for 10% immigration.

For 60% of American voters who voted in the midterm election, abortion must be legal in most or all cases. The CNN exit poll records that over 60% of voters are dissatisfied or angry over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Roe vs Wade ruling which recognizes the constitutional right of choice for women. While for half of the Republican voters inflation was the main issue that determined the vote, for 44% of the dem voters the main issue was abortion.

ELECTORATE – From the first indications, the electorate of these midterm elections appears older and whiter than in previous elections. According to the CNN exit polls, only a tenth of voters are under 30, while a third are aged 65 and over. In 2018, 13% were under 30 and 26% were over 65%. 76% of the voters in this election are white, with 24% black voters. Finally, a slightly higher percentage of Republicans, 35%, voted, compared to 34% of Democrats, who were 37% in 2018.