US Midterm elections, the issue of the right to abortion divides voters. THE REPORTAGE

In recent months, the conservative-majority Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade ruling, which sanctioned the right to abortion in the United States. Since then, the Democrats have made the pro-choice struggle a workhorse that should have helped them to pass the midterm elections more or less unscathed, despite President Biden’s low approval rate (MIDTERM ELECTIONS: THE SPECIAL). To date, it appears not to have happened, despite hundreds of millions spent on commercials and pro-choice initiatives. Abortion is a deeply felt issue in states in the balance, but on both sides, so success for the Democrats is not a foregone conclusion. In traditionally democratic states, on the other hand, voters know that the right of abortion in their part is not really in danger, so they focus on issues, for example the economy, about which even the moderates and the undecided do not see to it. good eye to the president’s party.

The situation in Florida

Until June, Florida was one of the most permissive states in America when it comes to abortion. About 72,000 abortions were performed in 2019, more than in any other state with the exception of New York. In July, House Bill 5 came into force, the law wanted by Governor DeSantis that punishes with sentences of up to five years those who procure or promote an abortion within fifteen weeks of pregnancy. No exceptions are made in the case of rape or incest. The pro life would like to further lower the limit from fifteen to six weeks. During the debate with challenger Charlie Christ, DeSantis avoided answering when asked if he would like to further restrict the right to abortion.

DeSantis’ position

The abortion debate allows Ron DeSantis, a possible opponent of Donald Trump in the Republican primary of 2024, to mobilize the conservative base at the national level, but in Florida this issue could represent a double-edged sword: according to the polls, in fact, two thirds of citizens are pro-choice. In 1980 Florida passed an amendment that protects the right to privacy, including on the subject of abortion. In 2012 a referendum rejected the cancellation of this right. In 2020, the number of women who voted for Biden in Florida exceeded, albeit slightly, that of the electricians who chose Trump.

The testimonials

In Miami Sky Tg24 interviewed two activists, one pro-life and one pro-choice, representing two opposing and apparently irreconcilable ideas of America. “The pro-choices are not really”, Angela Curatalo of Respect Life told us, “because they offer only one choice, abortion: we are the very pro-choices.” On the other hand, Antonia Wright, an artist engaged in the pro-abortion battle, refuses to define pro-life as such: “they say they defend life, but they love guns and support the death penalty: they are just hypocrites”.