US Open, chant for Hitler during Sinner-Zverev: fan kicked out – Video

The German tennis player complains to the referee, the spectator is turned away

A fan praises Adolf Hitler in the match between Jannik Sinner and Alex Zverev at the US Open and the German tennis player kicks him out. During the fifth game of the fourth set, in the challenge for the round of 16 of the men’s singles, the Hamburg native tennis player stopped the game to complain to the referee about the behavior of a spectator and asked for his removal. The images from the field did not clearly propose what the fan in question said, but instead Zverev’s protests towards the British chair judge Keothavong appeared understandable: “That fan shouted Hitler’s most famous phrase, this is unacceptable” .

Other footage from Arthur Ashe Stadium also showed security men ushering a spectator out of the stadium, amid boos from the crowd. Zverev later told reporters that he heard the viewer sing the opening words of the Nazi-era German anthem, “Deutschland Uber Alles.” “He started singing Hitler’s anthem of the time, it was a bit too much,” Zverev added. historical, that’s not really a good thing to do.”