US, police investigate anti Putin banker death

Dan Rapoport was found dead last Sunday

Washington police are investigating the death of Dan Rapoporta Latvian American businessman who had previously worked in Moscow and was highly critical of Vladimir Putin. Last Sunday, the investment banker was found dead in front of an elegant building in downtown Washington by the police who had been called by witnesses who had seen a man throw himself out of the window. The man was found in possession of $ 2,620 in cash, a Florida driver’s license and a damaged cell phone in the fall.

Given his anti-Putin stance, his recent criticisms of the war in Ukraine – where he had moved to live for several years – and the support he has given to Russian dissident Alex Navalny since 2010, Rapoport’s death in these mysterious circumstances is arousing interest and suspicion, although local police so far say they have no evidence that suggest that it is a murder.

But his wife Alyona, in an interview, says she doesn’t believe the suicide thesis. “There was no note, no suicide,” the woman said she is Ukrainian. “Dan took us out of Kiev and then returned to help my country, then we should have met again in the US”, added his wife, who in a subsequent post on Facebook states that she and her daughter “ask to respect ours. privacy as we face this extremely difficult time “.

Born 52 years ago in Riga, when Latvia was still part of the Soviet Union, Rapoport had worked in various Russian financial institutions in the 1990s and 2000s before opening the famous Soho Rooms in Moscow in 2007. He then left Russia in June 2012 and lived for a few years in Washington and in 2017 sold his house to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner for $ 5.5 million when the couple moved to the capital to work in the White House with Donald Trump.

Moving to Kiev in 2016, Rapoport was regularly cited by the Ukrainian media for his Kremlin complaints after the Russian invasion began.

Bill Browder, a businessman and a strong critic of Putin, wrote on Twitter that Rapoport’s death is “shocking news” and calls him “one of the first Moscow bankers to publicly support Navalny”.