US shootings, Chamber approves arms control measures

The decision after the testimony of the Uvalde massacre. The package goes to the Senate, where it is unlikely to be approved

The US House of Representatives has approved a package of severe arms control measures, which contain an increase in the minimum age for purchasing assault weapons to 21 and a ban on magazines with high ammunition capacity. The measures were passed with the vote of all but two Democrats, and only five Republicans.

The vote took place a few hours after the dramatic testimony of a small survivor and some family members of children massacred last May 24 at the primary school in Uvalde, Texas, in a House committee. “Somewhere there is a mother who listens to our testimonies thinking, I can’t even imagine this pain ‘, not knowing that our reality could one day be hers if we don’t act now,” said Kimberly Rubio, the mother. of Alexi, killed at 10 in the attack.

The deputies also listened to the recorded testimony of Miah Cerrillo, another 10-year-old girl who told how she covered herself with the blood of the other children killed to make the attacker believe that she too was dead. “I don’t want this to happen again,” said the little girl.

The package approved in the House, however, has a purely political value, since it has no possibility of passing to the Senate, where for months the measures on the control of arms purchases approved in recent months by the Democratic majority of the House have been blocked by the Republicans. The hope that legislative action, of a lesser extent than that voted yesterday, can be reached is entrusted to the initiative of a small group of bipartisan senators who are exploring the possibility of a compromise.

The Democrats of the House wanted to send a clear message to these negotiators, however, approving these severe measures yesterday: “even if our colleagues in the Senate will not adopt this bill, this process will unequivocally show the position of each of us after this unspeakable tragedy, “said Dem Congressman Jim McGovern.

Dem deputies today will vote on another measure that provides for the establishment of a ‘red flag’ system that can allow the authorities to keep their weapons out of the hands of those who will be considered a danger to themselves and the community.