US, South Carolina Senate approves abortion ban after six weeks

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South Carolina also outlaws abortion. In the American evening, that is the Italian night, the news arrived that the state Senate, controlled by the Republican Party, approved a ban on abortion after the first six weeks, overcoming the obstructionism of five elected representatives, three of whom were Republicans . The provision will now be sent to Governor Henry McMaster, also of the Grand Old Party, who has already said he is willing to sign it.


The question promises not to end here, given that already in January the state Supreme Court had annulled a similar ban on abortion, highlighting how the state constitution guarantees the right to abortion. In April, however, the opponents of the bill, also known as the “sister senators”, had blocked a bill that would have banned abortion after conception. All attempts at modifications have been in vain, including the latest by Senator Katrina Shealy, who wanted to extend the period to twelve weeks and even to twenty for cases of rape or incest. “Don’t force women to make up their minds in six weeks about something they may not even know is happening. All of you who listen to me have daughters and grandchildren: I want you to stop and think about the laws you are making for their future. Have you talked to them?” Shealy asked. According to the senator, the reason is clear: “Why not ask them how they feel to have the State of Carolina in their bedroom, at their dinner table, in the doctor’s office and in the labor room with them.”

The North Carolina precedent

Just a week ago the same happened in North Carolina, where the local assembly, with a Republican majority, approved a bill banning abortion after 12 weeks, bypassing the veto placed by the Democratic governor. Since the US Supreme Court’s historic ruling in June last year, abortion is banned or severely restricted in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia. In Georgia it is only allowed in the first six weeks. Florida, where it is currently banned from the 15th week, and Virginia are the most popular destinations for those who want to undergo legal abortions. Further west the destinations are Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico and Colorado.