US, Trump does not give in to pressure: confirms “special announcement” for Tuesday

The former president does not postpone the announcement of his new candidacy for the White House

Donald Trump does not give in to the pressure and confirms that next Tuesday he will make his “special announcement” in Mar a Lago. With the press release released last night, the former president hopes to stop friends, and enemies, who from Tuesday night , when the defeat of Trump’s army of candidates in the midterm elections became evident, they insistently suggested that he postpone the announcement of his new candidacy for the White House.

Perhaps to focus on the Georgia ballot, to support Herschel Walker, one of Trump’s remaining ‘political creatures’, as one of his main advisors, Jason Miller, publicly warns. The confirmation of the date of November 15 – which Trump had announced during the closing rally of the campaign last Monday – was however predictable, since, sources in his entourage had explained in recent days, for Trump, already infuriated by the bad results of the its candidates, it would be “too humiliating to postpone”.

Not to mention that the tycoon, defined yesterday by the Wall Street Journal as the ‘greatest loser’ of the electoral round, feels more and more the breath on the neck of Ron DeSantis, who with his avalanche re-election as governor of Florida has imposed himself as the real winner of election night, fully projected towards the White House.